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Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it – Charles Swindoll

Aditya Kuchibhotla

Author | Coach | Speaker

“Aditya has been recognized as one of the Top Life Coaches   by Coach Foundation.”

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My Story

Charles Swindoll, a famous Author & Educator, once said “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it”

Awareness opens up limitless possibilities.


aditya kuchibhotla

An Optimist Facilitating Transformation

Shawn Achor, an American Author & Speaker, says “In reality, if I knew everything about your external world, I can only predict 10% of your long-term happiness. 90% of your long-term happiness is predicted by how your brain processes the world”


Many thought leaders and researches are unanimously agreeing that the way we think and act largely determine our lives.


By moving from Reacting to Responding, we would be able to shape our lives.   


Our Self-Awareness strengthens our ability to Respond.

It is this awareness that is helping me become a better person every day and a top life coach, a leading executive coach and a sought-after motivational speaker in Hyderabad.

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A coach helps you to take your life from Good to GREAT



Debjani Ghosh – Personal Growth Coach & Creator @

I have found the mindfulness sessions to be very easy to follow + creating the perfect gateway for a lot of self - revelations and corrections. Each session was worth my time and induced a lot of thought provoking questions by result of which has made me change my way of living my life.

Srishti Mehta – MBA Student, Shoolini University

Aditya sir was my first ever life coach who helped me in so many ways that I can never be thankful enough. He gave me a new perspective of life and help me overcome so many hurdles. 

I was fortunate to experience being life coached by such a great person.

Umesh Budhrani – HR & Admin Manager, Spectranet Ltd, Nigeria

Aditya did a session on Emotional Balance with our team. And what a session! I have never seen the team so engaged and eager to participate. His depth of knowledge on the subject and clear and concise delivery had everyone captivated. His patience responding to questions was endearing.

Reading a Book




My First Book UNFOLLOW ME is all about achieving your financial dreams. It’s a simple guide to avoid the common traps. A simple guide that takes less than an hour to read, it’s a quick and easy tool to help you get back to financial discipline. Just as a life coach helps you with matters relating to your life, this book acts as your financial coach helping you with your financial discipline.

As the title reads the book Unfollow Me is a Guide for Financial Discipline that helps many professionals to plan their finances in a systematic and disciplined way for a happy & successful life.

Available in
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